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HPA logo Company BHU “FART” K.Siemiński operates on the market for 25 years (since 1991). By the time we got to know very well the needs of customers in the selection of pressure gauges and thermometers. In response to the market’s demand we launched in 2003, the brand products “HPA”. Products with the logo “HPA” is a guarantee of optimum price while maintaining high product quality. Based on our knowledge and experience gained through years of observation and activities we can offer you pressure gauges constitute serious competition for products used so far.

Advantages of HPA:

High quality workmanship – we always use good materials not seeking savings at the expense of quality, the manufacturing process ensures the repeatability of products, so that the percentage of discards is very low
multi-stage quality control – before leaving the factory, every gauge passes quality control, subsequently, at random, in addition to check it himself in
Immediate availability – we try to maintain a constant supply of basic goods in our warehouse, so that the waiting time for execution of the contract is minimal
competitive price – while maintaining high product quality we can offer very competitive prices by choosing reliable suppliers and the high market share
High flexibility – with constant co-operation you have the opportunity to personalize the product (your own logo, type of used materials)

Products with the logo of the HPA are always high quality products. We warn against counterfeit products which appear on the market, recorded a few months ago. There are “bargains” for gauges at prices shockingly low, but generally they are shoddy in which opted for the maximum clumping prices at the expense of quality. The use of cheap gauges of unknown origin may expose your company to large losses due to failures blood pressure and consequently damage the plant, machinery or equipment and endanger safety of personnel.

Remember HPA is a guarantee of calm and security.