The Marsh Bellofram Type 10

The Marsh Bellofram Type 10 Air Pressure Regulator is designed to control output pressure with accuracy of 0.1% and high-repeatability, with very low sensitivity to changes in supply pressure, ambient temperature and flow.
The highly rugged design of the Type 10 includes unique features such as high start-up stability, which eliminates the need for regulated start pressure readjustment after long downtimes with automatic return to output setting at start-up.




  • Highly Accurate Pressure Regulation to 0.1%
  • Start-up Stability, Allowing Regulated Pressure to Return to Output Setting
  • Automatic High Downstream Relief Capacity
  • High-gain Pneumatic Servo Amplifier Regulates Wide Fluctuations in Flow
  • Especially Good Performance from Dead End to 12 SCFM
  • Locking Capability
  • Temperature Stability
  • Units may be installed in any position and panel mounted or supported by inline plumbing
  • Available variations to meet particular requirements, such as high-relief, low-range and motorized configurations


  • Pipe and Vessel Air Pressure Monitoring
  • Industrial Processes
  • HVAC, Remote Pressure Control Ventilation Systems
  • Electro-pneumatic Control
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Control and Analysis Instrumentation
  • Medical Equipment Actuation
  • Gas Mixing
  • Valve Operation and Gate Actuation
  • Positioned Signaling
  • Calibration Stands
  • Air Gauging
  • Cylinder Loading
  • Force Balance Hoists
  • Disc and Shoe Air Braking
  • Clamp Units
  • Web Tensioning
  • Roll Loading
  • Press Units


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